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We are Vanessa and Tiago, two brothers who grew up unit by our common passion for food lovers, travelling and especially for the city we were born in, Lisbon.

As foodies, in the dozens of countries we have been, we always like to experiment and sample each culture through its own food. As we remembered all the journeys that we have been on and shared elements of these with our family, a desire started to take shape in our minds. We thought that there was an opportunity to offer a similar feeling to those who visit our home – Lisbon. The more we travelled and sampled all the gastronomies around the world, the more we came to realize how much we love our own and how unique Portuguese cuisine is. And how Lisbon has so much to offer to those who visit and want to get a real taste of it.

Moved by the opportunity to bring the beauty of Lisbon and the richness of Portuguese gastronomy together, Sea Lisbon Food Tour became a reality! Why Sea Lisbon? A few months later, Sea Lisbon was born! Why this name? We want to honor the pivotal role that our river & sea have had in our country’s History, the breathtaking landscape, the quality and uniqueness of our food.

How we will achieve our purpose? By taking our guests in a food tour where they will discover Lisbon’s highlights along the shore while endulging in the best Portuguese waters, its delicious seafood.

Our aim is to make sure that all our guests leave with memorable experiences of the the city they will fall in love with: Lisbon, the city of Sea & Food!


We bring with us a large experience in middle and top sales management on the fast moving goods industry, always in multinational contexts. Our background provides us with an expertise on customer satisfaction and interpersonal relationships.

We also gathered a group of people with different backgrounds to ours, such as a chef, a marketer and an engineer, to work with us in this project. We were all born in Lisbon and share a similar purpose of offering a memorable experience to those who visit us.

Finally, we carefully selected our partners, working with leaders in each field of expertise, from restaurants to transportation.

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